Saturday, 2 November 2013

I confess to him about my past

I write this, because i am so sad, upset and dissappointed with what happened today. Today, i have the gut to tell him about my past. He was so shocked and he thank me for walk away. I started to wonder, it is really my fault? Everything in past was really my fault? How can he said i am the one who should be blame? I feel bad. I want to die. I want to go far away, to a place where no one knows me. As i typed this,my tears are coming out so fast. 

I look myself on mirror, and i tried to find what did i do? Now, i realised that i put so much trust on my past ex.

No i wonder! Is it all men will react like what he react after listening to my past? If yes, id rather to stay single forever. 

😔 why me?


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